Web Design

Good web design can be deceptively difficult, as it requires being both usable, still visually stimulating, and at the same time focused on your goal.

Web design is a balance between the visual and the technical. Making a beautiful design work in code or a wonderful function look beautiful - both require knowledge and experience to execute well and without wasting hour after hour fumbling to a solution.

Certain principles such as guiding the eye, spacing, navigation, typography, usability, alignment, clarity, consistency, and more govern whether a site or even a page will be successful or not. SitePropeller has years of experience mastering these principles, which you can leverage for your business. We know how to make your site, your landing page, or any other web design needs you have, achieve exactly what you want them to.

Here are some of the areas we have design expertise in:

Media Galleries

A good website requires several key elements. A sense of branding needs to be apparent from the instant the homepage is viewed. Navigation must be easy and intuitive, as well as ease of use. The hierarchy of a site must make sense on a human scale, not from a computers standpoint. It must visually and aesthetically communicate who or what it represents. All of these things must come together to prove an effective site, and we know how to make that happen.

When people are presented with a situation wherein they may be giving out very personal and critical information, a sense of trust is vitally important. Much like a normal website, they must feel that the site they are on is an accurate representation of the company, and that they won’t be defrauded or scammed. The design must reflect a sense of trust. In addition, any good ecommerce site must have the functionality that will allow a user to quickly and efficiently find what they want without feeling stressed or anxious by the site. SitePropeller has the experience with several ecommerce systems that can help you get your online business running now.

A fast growing trend in web design is CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows the owner of a site to manage it without needing to know any code, or rely on a web designer to make changes. With ease and little web experience, pages can be added, removed, and edited. Links can be changed - everything is at your disposal. We know how to work with several different CMS engines to help you set up one that works for you, and leaves you self-reliant.

If you want your site to standout and have a "flare" to it, you’re going to want Flash. Whether its small amounts of Flash embedded into a larger non-Flash page, or an entire site, navigation and all, designed in Flash - we can do it. There’s a strong learning curve to make a Flash site work, and we’ve already done the heavy lifting. For a truly visually pleasing web-experience, have us design some Flash today.

Media Galleries:
Many sites have showcases of some sort - pictures, videos, portfolios, etc. One of the best ways to display that content is a media gallery. There are many ways to display this type of information, and not all of them are pretty. We’ve spent the time figuring out how to make your hard work display beautifully on your site, adding value and visual appeal.

One of the most flexible technologies on the web today is Javascript, and it has countless uses. Photo galleries, dynamic headers, music players, ad placement and popups - truly the list is limitless. And we can design some great things utilizing this awesome language to help your web presence soar.

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