Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the product that will help drive volumes of traffic to your site. SEO when done correctly takes a great deal of time and skill. SEO is about being the most popular relevant website to the keyword search query. Popularity does not come easy but has tremendous benefits. When your website makes its way up the popularity charts and the relevant charts, you will have loads of traffic - at no charge!

Of course, it takes a great campaign manager to get someone to the office of president, so it takes a great SEO campaign manager to get a website to a winning position. Your website needs on-page optimization and off-page optimization to compete for those top places that are so coveted. SitePropeller offers excellent packages to help you win no matter what level you start or what your budget may be. No matter what package you choose, know that you will receive an awesome value of services.

SEO can me a massive undertaking when done properly. It is hard for many businesses to understand that it can take 60-90 days to really see the improvement in search engine ranking. When we build an SEO campaign we parcel the process into three main phases:

Phase 1 - On-Page Optimization

A successful SEO campaign builds on a strong foundation and it is during this phase that a strong foundation for your entire SEO campaign is built. It begins with solid keyword research of both your business and the vertical in which you do business. Once it has been determined what keywords are the best for your business your web pages need to communicate those keywords frequently. This is referred to as a web page with "rich content".  This gives you tremendous relevancy when a search engine serves up your page based on that search query. Your rich content communicates to the search engines that you actually are giving information using those keywords.

The page content will then drive Title tags and Meta tags which are inserted into the code of your page giving an exact description to the search engines what content your website contain. In the end you end up with a webpage rich with content, images optimized with the content, title tags, and meta description tags which all communicate one of your main keywords. Once completed we will submit a sitemap to Google and Yahoo for you and setup your webmaster tools. For your privacy we create a ROBOT.txt file telling the search engines which folders are to be searched. For many clients this all happens in the first 30 days of your SEO campaign.

Through SitePropeller’s very own proprietary software there is complete transparency and you are able to see the progress made throughout each phase of your SEO campaign.

Phase 2 - Going Social and Getting Noticed

Many companies know that social marketing is what is needed to take their marketing to the next level, but they are unclear how this is done and where is the best place engage in social marketing. In Phase 2 we take care of this for you. In Phase 2 we take care of this for you. We initiate your linking and submission campaigns. We will write submit 10–15 quality links about your business vertical, and using our proprietary process, submit them to over various locations on the Internet specifically related to your business vertical - every month.

It is also at this time that we will either create or integrate your blog into your website. We will create (5) blog entries and submit these blogs to drive traffic back to your website. It is also important to begin the directory submission process. This is where you have an incredible advantage when you use SitePropeller because directory submission requires a special talent and knowledge. Our specialize and proprietary process gives your directory submission immediate success. Once again our Project Management system allows for complete accountability to you the client - you do nothing but sit back and enjoy the new traffic coming to your site.

Phase 3 - Keeping You At The Top

Once you get to the top you become the new target. The rest of your campaign is dedicated to holding the ground that you have taken as you have climbed the "website charts". We keep you at the top striving to increase your website traffic more and more with an effort to capture more market share in your business vertical. Not only do we continue to work Phase 2 but we work to create relationships for you to improve inbound linking for up to (50) links each month. In each phase your campaign becomes more solid and optimized and the results become exponential as traffic increases to your site. At this point you have complete on-page optimization. Your social marketing efforts have launched and reached a cruising altitude giving you a tremendous view of your competition below you. Now we have to keep you cruising.

And this is just scratching the surface. We can offer you a plan that can be customized to help you maximize your visibility on the Internet at a great price. See comparison chart of services page for more detail.

If you are a local business call and check out our special services for improving your local search.

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