Pay Per Click

Professional Pay Per Click Campaign Management

SitePropeller Pay-Per-Click Campaign Managers feature MBA-level strategic planning to ensure that your campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats have all been considered prior to launch.

Our Campaign Managers continue to strategize and test your PPC ad campaign well after the launch period in order to soar your campaign to the bottom line:  increased online sales.

Get an overview of our innovative and industry-leading seven step Launch to Soar campaign management process.

Strategic Design

We examine your company’s geographic market focus, business hours, and marketing budget allocation to design a competitive strategy to execute the most efficient and cost-effective approach to getting first page results.
Ad Positioning

For each keyword phrase, we develop competitive pay-per-click bidding strategies to secure the ad position with the best conversion rates. Our ad positioning strategies are developed with the budget constraints of your campaign. We are focused on increasing your conversions.
Post-Launch Strategic Adjustments

Once your PPC campaign launches, we will review your pay-per-click campaign’s progress on a regular basis (according to your service level) and fine-tune your strategic plans as the market responds to your new online advertising approach.
Investment Refocusing

We regularly review your ad display performance, the number of clicks your keywords received, and the actual sales generated by your pay-per-click campaign in order to continually refocus your investment into high conversion keywords.
Ad Refining

As we monitor the ads that attract your highest conversion to sales rates and traffic, we increase the frequency of your best performing ads and eliminate, rewrite, and retest underperforming ads. The refinement process never ends.

Web-Link Monitoring

Each month, we monitor your website to review the crucial relationship between your PPC keyword ad campaign links and your website. Each link is tested for integrity and high interest traffic engagement.
Content Management   (optional)

For pay-per-click campaigns where content ads make sense, our Campaign Managers develop ad campaigns that place your ad and web link on a myriad of websites that your customers are viewing even if they are not searching on your keyword.

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