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What would your business look like if you were on the first page of a Google search and hundreds of people were going to your website? This is now possible with newly developed technology from SitePropeller. Allowing you to experience the page-one Google magic for as low as $99 per month, you can now reach those prospects that live in your local area and make the sales that you were unable to make before.

SitePropeller Local is the most affordable and effective way to get your local business in front of local customers looking for your service. Today 98% of your prospects have abandoned the traditional methods of finding businesses (newspaper, Yellow Pages, etc) and are now using the Internet to make their buying decisions. You need to have your ad visible when they are looking for your product. With SitePropeller Local you will get the visibility you need to win the sale.

The SitePropeller Local Advantage

Revenue up and costs down.Trying to get on the first page of Google through traditional methods can cost you thousands of dollars each month. With SitePropeller Local you are able to leverage the buying power of multiple businesses like yourself to obtain first page rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, other major social networks and directories for as little as $99/mo. How are we able to do this?

With many of the local search companies only a small portion of your monthly payment goes toward the online media buy needed to get quality visibility and frequency. With SitePropeller Local the single biggest piece of your monthly fee goes towards your online media buy giving your ads more frequent exposure and more quality hits to your website.

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Depending on which package you get at SitePropeller Local you have the potential of your ad being displayed three times on the first page of Google; the Sponsored Links, the Google Local business center, and the organic listing on the left side of the page. Your web traffic will soar with that kind of visibility and sales are sure to follow.


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