Landing Page Tip #152

The old paradox is alive and well with landing pages and pay per click. Some experts say to start with the landing page and then find the traffic. Others say, find the traffic and then create the page.

At SitePropeller, we’ve handled hundreds of such situations. And our advice:  Don’t worry about whether to start with landing page design or a pay-per-click campaign. Just start.

If you spend all your time building landing pages or perhaps trying to build every landing page, you’ll end up having to rebuild them all. Because in the first 7 days, your pay-per-click campaign or the firm that handles your campaign management will demonstrate to you that the keywords you thought were the best actually didn’t work at all.

If you start with pay per click and drive every click to the same page, you’ll quickly find that many keywords are too expensive or don’t have the volume to support your needs. So, where do you start first? 

Get a couple of pages up and get a campaign going. OR get a campaign going and get a couple of pages up. It doesn’t matter. Really. The first several days are all learning curve.

At SitePropeller, we’ve tested keywords without any pages to send them to and avoided the expense of creating pages where the marketplace was already crowded. 

Either way works as long as you have a plan to study what the marketplace is doing and react to it. Within the first 7 days, your pay per click campaign or your adwords management agency will be quickly suggesting landing page changes, deletions and additions. And, they’ll be suggesting keyword changes.Keywords have a funny way of revealing consumer behavior. So just start.

Avoid the paralyzing feeling of not knowing where to start. Just start. And let the market tell you what to do next. It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and certainly, more profitable.

The SitePropeller Truth to Remember is this:

It doesn’t matter whether you start with a landing page or a pay per click campaign. Just start and let the market determine what your next step is.

Posted on 12/29 at 06:24 PM

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